Melanie was brought up in Harrow, where she went to Heathfield School for Girls. At an early age she showed an interest in the arts and particularly in writing and drama. Melanie loves Siamese cats and has always had at least one.

She attended the Town & Country school in Hampstead in North London, the French Lycee in South Kensington and the Lucy Clayton School for young models.

Melanie trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

She started her acting career at the Southwold Summer Theatre and then went on to play various parts in Television Series and Films.

Melanie was in the original production of Fugard's "Dimetos" with Paul Scofield and Ben Kingsley, directed by Atholl Fugard at the Nottingham Playhouse which then transferred for a West End run at Wyndhams, and then the Comedy Theatre.

She also did various repertory seasons at Southwold Summer Theatre, Nottingham Playhouse and Manchester Library Theatre.

She began writing for Ken Russell in the television series "Lady Chatterley" on his adaption of Lady Chatterleys Lover, based on DH Lawrence's novel and then worked on further projects for Ken, the BBC, London Films, and Union Pictures.

Melanie has always enjoyed cooking, some of her recipes are shown in the the "Recipes" area of this site.

Melanie used to work for an art historian, so she likes going to art exhibitions. She loves the theatre, films and reading, and likes to see new places, particularly by the sea.
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